Whole 30 Update (and Other Life Updates)

I know, I know. I have been horrible and fell of the face of the earth again. In my defense, I had strep throat (and somehow healed without meds – a Whole 30 perk perhaps?), then my laptop charger stopped working, and then my website’s server went down.

So anyways, aside from my absolute laziness, I have been doing a great job of sticking to one thing – Whole 30! It has not been easy, but I’m at the halfway point and I definitely am feeling a lot different.

Adi in the Life Whole 30 Update

It was actually ironic, because the first day of my Whole 30 journey, I started feeling sick. At first I thought it was the diet and I was extremely unhappy that I finally committed to it and it made me sick. I went to the doctors after thinking it could be strep, but then was told it wasn’t strep. After relaxing for a few days, I felt legitimately a million times better. I received a phone call a couple of days later saying I had strep, which was very surprising because I didn’t even feel like I was ill anymore.

I think that was my first inkling that this diet might actually have merit to it.

Again, it hasn’t been easy. But throughout my whole life I have always justified choices by weighing the pros (in this case this is just some preliminary observations) and cons.

Whole 30: Observations

  • My skin is doing phenomenal. Aside from it being dry (like it always is in the Winter), I usually break out a tiny bit the week before my time of the month and this time I didn’t. My skin tone has evened out, and any scarring that I’ve had from previous blemishes have blurred out pretty well.
  • I have definitely lost weight. I haven’t actually weighed myself (this is one of the rules), but my jeans have felt a little looser and I have felt a lot more comfortable in my skin. This might be cliche, but I feel a little lighter on my feet.
  • My energy levels have basically soared. I was literally bouncing off of walls after I had finally gotten over my strep throat ordeal. I felt so happy and energized. It could have been because I was sick, and the difference from feeling so horrible to feeling so great really elevated my energy. Or, it could have been because my diet has been much, much healthier.
  • I feel sooo much less bloated, even right after I eat a meal. I used to feel bloated all the time, especially after every meal. Perhaps it’s because of all the fruits and veggies that I’m eating, but I feel full without being uncomfortable.

Whole 30: Cravings & Hardships

  • I miss carbs. Ughhhh I miss carbs so bad. Literally all I want is a bowl of cereal and almond milk – and I don’t even eat cereal. I thought that I would miss cheese more, but honestly all I want is some toast, or a bagel. It doesn’t help that my office has been providing everyone with a ton of food lately.
  • Sticking to the Whole 30 diet can be pretty expensive. Buying all of these fruits and veggies and organic meat – it adds up pretty quickly. As much as I want to have different meals every day, I have now resorted to meal prepping and choosing meals that use the same ingredients to save money. It’s definitely a bit boring, but worth the savings.
  • Also, I’d really like a glass of wine or a piece of chocolate.

Overall, I’d say the pros outweigh the cons here. There are definitely a few things that I’m currently cutting out of my diet that I don’t think are necessary (i.e.: beans, or brown rice). But, I also understand that is to cut out everything that might upset my stomach or suck out all of my energy.

I have 2 more weeks to go, and while I do appreciate how much better I feel on this diet, I am excited to try and introduce some of the foods I miss eating so much. I’m almost there though! And I am really proud of myself for getting this far without cheating.

Have you tried Whole 30? What was the hardest thing about it for you?

  • Keep it up, you can do it!! There’s no better feeling than when you’ve finished it- you feel so accomplished!! (I’ve completed 2, and attempted and gave up 2 other times, hah). The thing I loved was how quickly I fell asleep while doing it!

    • Adi

      Thanks Kelly, appreciate the motivation :). And yes, totally noticed I fall asleep so quickly! Thanks for commenting!!