Vacation Must-Haves: Fashion

Hello hello! I know I said this post would be up Thursday, but it’s been a little hectic over here with work and last-minute shopping and cleaning before I leave. I leave tomorrow early in the morning and I still haven’t started packing (this is a normal routine for me… anyone else out there an extremely last-minute packer?).

Today’s post is part 2 of my vacation must-haves for beach getaways, and it’s all about fashion! You can read part 1 here.

Clothing Must-Haves

adi in the life vacation must haves clothing

Products Mentioned: Beach Kimono from H&M, Hooded Sweatshirt, Embroidered Jumpsuit from H&M, Crocheted Tank Top, Maxi Dress from H&M, Victoria’s Secret Bikini Halter Top and Bottom, Patterned Shorts from H&M, Bralette from Victoria’s Secret

Obviously a lot of clothes are needed for any vacation (and trust me, I always run out of room in my suitcase because of these). These are just some of my absolute musts for beach getaways.

Of course, a coverup and a bikini, or 2… or 3… are a must. This bathing suit is my new favorite (I bought it in the color Neon Nectar) and if you’re looking for a bikini from VS, get one while you still can! They’re discontinuing them soon and I am beyond devastated about it.

I also think having a lightweight sweater or cardigan is essential. You obviously won’t need it during the day, but it can get a bit colder at night and you’ll regret it if you don’t bring one more than if you do and never end up using it.

When it comes to rompers and dresses, my go-to stores are Lulu’s and H&M (H&M being the much cheaper one). I just bought this exact dress yesterday and it is so so flattering. And I have this romper from them as well.

I also always like to bring some lightweight shorts and lace shorts like these. They are so much comfier than jean shorts, but I will tend to bring one pair of high-waisted denim shorts to wear with crop tops or lightweight t-shirts, with bralettes underneath. Clearly I like going the minimalistic route. VS has some gorgeous bralettes but if you’re going for comfort, I highly suggest these ones from Urban Outfitters.

Accessory Must-Haves

adi in the life vacation must haves accessories.png

Products Pictured: Kate Spade Cedar Street Cami Crossbody, Beige Straw Fedora from Lulu’s, Tortoise Sunglasses from Lulu’s, Old Navy Classic Flip FlopsH&M Shopper Tote, Gold Layered Necklace from Lulu’s, Tan Caged Heels from Lulu’s, White Espadrille Wedges from Lulu’s

When it comes to bags and purses, I try to limit it to just one, but having a crossbody is a lifesaver when it comes to going out or exploring (who wants to carry a giant purse). Kate Spade crossbodys have always been my go-to for these, the quality is amazing and you can get really cute ones on sale or from an outlet. Of course, you do need a beach tote. I try to go for a cheaper one since I know sand and wanter will get all over it.

I know most people will say go for a floppy hat, but I love straw fedora-esque hats. They are much easier to travel with and don’t weigh your head down (and it’s much more versatile). You also need sunglasses (duh). And if you’re planning on bringing jewelry, I always go with delicate necklaces or bracelets for beach vacations. Lulu’s has some great options, as well as H&M. I am bringing this one that I received in my FabFitFun box as I wear it almost every day.

Okay lastly, shoes. This is always the hardest for me (yes, I do need 3 different wedge options) but I try to condense it to one pair of flip flops for the beach, a pair of strappy heels, and a pair of wedges (sometimes I’ll sneak in a pair of jeweled sandals). 

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I am going to try my very best to blog while in Costa Rica – hopefully the wifi isn’t too spotty. But if I don’t, then I’ll post immediately when I get back!

¡Hablamos más tarde!