Summer Bucket List

It’s officially summer! Technically, the weather has been screaming summer for the past month now but for some reason once the summer solstice occurs, it really starts to feel like summer for me. This is the first summer EVER where I don’t have 3 months off from school or any real responsibilities. I’m a little bummed about it and it certainly feels weird, but I’m going to try my best to make sure I make some awesome memories regardless.

Here are some of the things I want to accomplish this season.

¤ Go Wine Tasting

Oh hello, if you didn’t know, I love wine. I’m absolutely in no way an expert, but I do enjoy a glass. I really want to go to a beautiful winery and taste test wines (and widen my wine preferences… for some reason I almost always go for Riesling).

adi in the life wine tasting

¤ Decide on (& Buy) a DSLR Camera

I think I have spent almost this entire past year (oh my god… I’m coming up at a year on this blog) thinking about DSLR cameras. It’s time to pull the plug and go for it. I’m going to try and research as much as I can and decide on one camera. And then buy it! If anyone has any recommendations pleaseeee let me know in the comments below.

¤ Take a Weekend Trip to the Beach

What is summer without a trip to the beach? I really want to stay for a weekend and experience both life during the day and night. And I’ll make sure to eat some funnel cakes and ice cream while I’m at it. I’m actually really excited to open my FabFitFun box (check back for a review in the coming weeks), because I know there are some things in there that will be perfect for a beach trip.

adi in the life beach.jpg

¤ Reach My Goal Weight

I’m pretty sure this has been on every bucket list so far… But this time I’m going to stick to it. I’m eating healthy again and working out 3-4 times a week. I’m 10 pounds away from my goal weight and I’m confident I can achieve it by the end of the summer (check back on that in early September).

¤ Go to a Red Sox Game

I am obsessed with baseball, and every year my family and I go to a game (and occasionally I go to another game with friends). It’s almost the end of June and I haven’t been to one game! This is an absolute necessity for a successful summer, especially with this year being one of my favorite players’ last year.

adi in the life red sox game.jpg

¤ Find & Shop at a Farmer’s Market

I LOVE the idea of farmers markets. When I was younger, my mom would drag my sister and I to one every week, and at the time I really didn’t appreciate all the produce and sweets, and flowers. I can’t wait to find one around my apartment and shop there. I won’t be able to do my entire week’s worth of grocery shopping (that’s a bit too expensive), but it’ll be nice to buy, and eat, some fresh goodies.

adi in the life farmers market.jpg

¤ Test Out Sangria Recipes

So yeah I reaaaally love wine. I am obsessed with sangria, and it’s the perfect drink for summer. I plan to test out a bunch of different recipes (there is an absurd amount on Pinterest), until I find the perfect one that can be my go-to for any type of future gathering.

These are first on my list: via Lemon Tree Dwelling, Celebrating Sweets, and Kitchn

¤ Watch Fireworks on the Fourth of July

My favorite thing about the Fourth is fireworks. I missed them last year on this holiday because it was raining, and I’m not letting it happen again. Is anyone else as obsessed with fireworks as I am? I don’t know why but summer doesn’t feel like summer without seeing them at least once.

What do you have on your bucket list for this Summer?