Splurge vs. Steal: Black Leather Backpack

Guys, this is post #101 on my blog! A pretty exciting accomplishment for me, but I do wish I had gotten to it sooner. What better post to publish, than another Splurge vs. Steal product?

I don’t know about you, but ever since I graduated, I’ve kind of missed carrying a backpack around. I mean, everything was so much easier. Now I either have a giant purse where everything inside merges together, or I have a small cross body purse that can only hold a few things. Not only does this make bringing everything to work complicated, but it also raises the issue of whether or not I should bring both a tote and a small purse on any vacation I go to.

Lately I have been seeing adorable, black backpacks (usually made of leather) that aren’t too bulky, but are still big enough to clearly carry a lot of items. The problem is, the cutest ones that I have seen lately, seem to be the most expensive…

When I was looking on Nordstrom’s website for black leather backpacks, this ‘Pilot’ Leather Backpack from rag & bone kept catching my eye. It’s sooo cute, super slim, and has a handle at the top if you’re tired of putting it on your back. However, it comes in at an incredibly high price – $695!! I mean, clearly this isn’t anywhere near my budget.

adi in the life splurge vs steal black leather backpack 1

Somehow, I honestly don’t really know how, I stumbled on this Minimal Backpack with Side Zip Detail by Pull&Bear (from Asos) for $30!!! I am seriously in love with it. It’s pretty much the same size as the one by rag & bone, and has a similarly sized flap and handle. I will say, I do kind of miss the little drawstrings, but for the price difference, I can do without.

Okay, so because I didn’t think the match was PERFECT, I thought I would add a bonus Splurge vs. Steal. I love Kate Spade purses. They are so sleek, and her logo is always so casual and subtle. I absolutely love this Cobble Hill Charley Backpack by her, especially because of the multiple pockets, but it’s a bit of a steep price at $348.

adi in the life splurge vs steal black leather backpack 2

Instead, I found this Structured Backpack by Aldo (on Asos) for $63. It is pretty much the exact same design idea, and I hate to say this… but I think I like the structure of this bag better than Kate Spade’s! It’s more sleek and definitely looks like it can fit a lot more in it.

So, if you’re in the market for a chic black leather backpack, don’t go the expensive route. There are clearly some gorgeous, affordable options out there! What do you guys think of these backpack “dupes”?

I absolutely love writing posts for this series (check out my previous posts here!), and hope you all enjoy reading them too! Let me know if there are any specific products you want me to do a post on (i.e.: a denim skirt, a leather jacket, etc.)!

  • Those backpacks are so nice! I especially love the Aldo one. Your blog is absolutely lovely!

    • Adi

      Thank you so much!! 🙂

  • Amy

    The Rag & Bone Leather Bag is stunning! Shame it’s so pricey 🙂

    • Adi

      Ugh I know if I could afford it I would buy it in a heartbeat!

  • I’m glad I found this because I’m in need of a bag!

    • Adi

      Yay! I’m so glad it was helpful 🙂