Sleeping Through Your Alarm: How to Avoid Looking Like a Mess

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had countless times throughout school and work (including this very morning) where I’ve accidentally slept through my alarms and woken up late in a daze only to realize I was running very late.

I’ve learned over the years quite a few ways to keep the panic at bay and get ready quickly and still look like you took the time to look nice.

Here are 7 tips and tricks for looking presentable and getting ready quickly after waking up late.

  1. Don’t panic. I honestly think this is the most important. Whether you have 20 minutes to get ready or 5, panicking will only make things worse. When I panic I seem to forget a lot of things and have to run up and down the stairs more than ever. Keeping a level head will help you get everything you need to get done without forgetting anything important or lighting your house on fire.
  2. Choose your outfit the night before. Or at least have an idea of what you would want to wear. This way, you’re not spending any more than a couple of minutes figuring out what you need to wear or where your favorite jeans are. If all else fails, my go-to quick outfit is a nice, solid colored dress and a statement necklace. This is an easy outfit that looks like you’re put together even though it took little to no effort.
  3. Wear only a few makeup essentials. If you ask me, you can’t go wrong with concealer and mascara. Concealer will brighten up your under eyes and cover any blemishes you really care about and a little bit of mascara goes a long way in making you look awake and alert. If you have a little extra time, applying a BB cream does wonders to evening out your skin tone and can even double as a concealer (if you only have miner blemishes).
  4. Brush your teeth and apply deodorant. These are my 2 most important things I make sure to get done before I leave for work. If your breath smells good and your body smells good, at least you’ll have the confidence to be around people for the entire day and not worry about scaring them off due to your body odor.
  5. Put your hair up and use some dry shampoo. Messy buns are all the rage these days, and if your hair isn’t looking fabulous, there’s nothing a little dry shampoo can’t fix. Sometimes putting your hair up can actually make you look even more professional and put together than if you leave it down.
  6. Buy easy-to-pack snacks. I like to have protein bars and breakfast bars in my pantry to make it super easy to grab a couple snacks before I head out the door without much thought. Also, if you’re lucky enough to have a coffee machine with a timer, set it to make coffee in the morning ahead of time and you can just pour it right into a travel mug.
  7. Have your bag packed ahead of time. If you already have all of your essentials packed before the morning, all you have to do is put your bag on your shoulder and head out the door. This is also great if you want to put an extra pair of contacts (if you are like me and don’t have perfect vision), perfume, a notebook, pens, a phone charger, etc. You really won’t need to do much in the morning if you have all of this already packed.

I don’t know about you, but waking up late, getting to work on time, and then having someone compliment you on looking nice is one of the best feelings. Do you have any other tips to getting ready quickly after missing your alarms?