Product Reviews: The Estée Edit

It seems like the highlighting makeup trend is here to stay, and it’s becoming more and more emphasized than ever. From illuminating foundations, to powder highlights, it seems like every makeup brand is coming out with new products.

The Estée Edit skincare and makeup line by Estée Lauder has some phenomenal products and I was so thrilled when Influenster sent me some products to test out.

To be honest, I didn’t know much about Estée Lauder products aside from the fact that Kendall Jenner was a spokesperson for the Estée Edit line. I’ve always thought that I wasn’t the demographic for their products, but I love how they’re bringing a more youthful vibe to their new line. Sephora exclusively carries this entire line so you can find the products there!

Before I get into specifically reviewing each product, can we just admire how gorgeous the packaging is?!? It’s super sleek and easy to use.. and easy to pack up to bring anywhere.

adi in the life the estée edit product reviews.jpeg

So the first product I tested was the Pore Vanishing Stick (retails for $28) and it is by far, my absolute favorite product of the bunch. I have some issues with my pores, so I was super excited to see this and was really hoping it would actually work in diminishing the appearance of my pores (especially on my nose and cheeks). It doesn’t completely eliminate them, but it gives a blurring effect that hide them under makeup really well. I love the consistency- it’s super smooth and goes on transparent, and you don’t feel it on your face at all.

adi in the life the estée edit pore vanishing stick.jpg

The next product I tested was the Flash Illuminator in the shade Day Light (“a rosy hue”) that also retails for $28. To be honest, I wasn’t crazy about the shade when I first saw it. It seemed super dark for my skin tone, and I didn’t get how it would give me a “glow” all over my skin. Imagine me covering my face in it? It’s not as versatile as I would have hoped (as opposed to some of the other shades), but it is a BEAUTIFUL blush/bronzer combination and is very easily blendable.

Next, I tried out the Barest Lip Color in the shade In the Buff (“a nude mauve”) which retails for $22. This is probably my least favorite product of the bunch, not to say I don’t love it. It’s just a bit expensive for a lip product (it claims to be a lipstick/balm hybrid) with relatively weak pigmentation. It’s a super soft and moisturizing formula and feels great on the lips, but it kind of just gives a light sheen. With multiple layers, it does give a nice color, but I wish it was a bit more effective with just 1-2 swipes.

The last product, the Beam Team Hydrate + Glow, is both an illuminating hydrating lotion and a touch-on shimmer concentrate that retails for $42. I absolutely love the shimmer concentrate under the cap. It’s so pretty and shimmery, but very subtle. The hydrating lotion is nice, it does what it promises. I wouldn’t say it’s the most pigmented, but it’s pretty under a foundation and can work as an extra boost for a highlight that you’ve already put on your face.

Overall, I absolutely LOVE all of the products and I’m definitely going to check out some of other ones in this line. To be honest though, I only think the Pore Vanishing Stick and the Flash Illuminator are reaaally worth the price. They do their job and I haven’t found dupes for them that are quite as good (although if you know of any – please let me know in the comments below!). The lip color is very nice, but the formula seems very similar to Maybelline’s Baby Lips lip balms which is wayyyy cheaper. And I think the price tag on the Beam Team Hydrate + Glow product is very high for the amount of product and effectiveness you get out of it.

Have you tried any of The Estée Edit products? Or any products by Estée Lauder in general?

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.

  • Really enjoyed this review! I had been wondering about some of these products, I really want to try some of the powders from this line though, ive heard they are really good. The blushes and bronzers and such.

    • Adi

      I’ve heard that too!! Thank you so much for reading 🙂

  • Oooh I wanted to get that box so badly! Love the post xoxo

    • Adi

      Thank you so much 🙂 it was definitely my favorite box I’ve received from them so far!

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