Product Review: NYX Illuminating Palette

Do you ever go into a store, find something you really want, convince yourself you don’t need it and leave without buying it, then spend weeks thinking about it until eventually you go back in and buy it?

That’s how I felt about the NYX Strobe of Genius Illuminating Palette. I was in ULTA and my eyes set on it and immediately, I was obsessed. Howver, I thought, why would I need 7 different highlighting shades? I left without it and honestly kept thinking about it for weeks. I finally went back in a couple weeks later and bought it (along with some other products that I’ll review next week).


Anyways, I’m not sure if I mentioned, but I love NYX products. They are always so pigmented and every product they come out with comes in beautiful shades. The best part is they are an affordable brand. This palette only cost me $18.99. You can buy it here and here.


So this palette comes with a variety of shades, including a couple gold/champagne colors, a couple pinks, and even a purple highlight. Yes, that’s right… purple. Now you would think that would be weird, but it’s actually one of my favorites. Honestly, I love all the shades. There are a couple that I wouldn’t necessarily use as highlights (I like the pink one as a blush, and the bronze one as, well, a bronzer). But the rest are lighter shades and are all beautiful as highlights. They are completely buildable which is great, and don’t feel cakey on the skin at all. Here are some swatches below.


Top Row from L to R


Bottom Row from L to R

Overall, I’m extremely happy with this purchase and the product itself. It is 100% worth the price and the fact that I can find a use for every shade is always a good sign. If you’re looking for affordable highlighters but you’re not sure what shade you should go for- this is a great option. Go to ULTA, swatch the palette, and I bet you, you’ll want to buy it immediately just like me.



This product was purchased on my own, all opinions are my own.