New & Improved: Welcome to Adi in the Life

Welcome to the new and improved Adi in the Life!

If you’ve been wondering where I am – I’ve been here in the shadows, working hard on getting everything set up with this new host and new layout. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to transfer EVERYTHING over from my original site. But fortunately, I’m already so much happier with this new set up.

If you’re considering moving from to a self-hosted site, I hiiiighly, highly recommend it. It’s not cheap, but it allows you to get really granular with the activity of your subscribers and there are so many plug ins you can use to develop your blog.

Now that everything is set up, I’ll be back to my regular schedule, posting 2-3 times a week!

So without further ado, here is Adi in the Life 2.0! If you haven’t already subscribed to my blog and want to see more of what I post – please do so by entering your email over the the right. I write about fashion, beauty, and a whole bunch of other random stuff. You can read more about my blog here!

And to everyone that has stuck around, thank you sooo much. Your patience means the world to me :).

adi in the life new layout