My Monthly Must-Haves: September

September is one of my favorite months of the year, both because it’s my birthday month (hooray for being 22!) and because it has started to feel like fall, which is my favorite season. This month has been absolutely amazing but also very hectic, thanks to my new job and trying to keep up with friends, blogging, and sleep. Here were some of my “must-haves” that helped keep my mind off of my busy life.

Candle of the Month: Lakeside Sunrise

It’s no secret that my favorite fall candle is Pumpkin Apple, but it hasn’t 100% felt like fall yet and it’s still a bit warm outside. I came across this candle and I love it. It’s perfect for warmer fall weather and it smells amazing. The description says “… fragrance of crisp waters, sunny rays of citrus and a touch of sweet apple dew” and honestly, it is spot on. I highly recommend it!

adi in the life lakeside sunrise candle

Beauty Product of the Month: Maybelline “Dream Fresh” BB Cream

This product has been my savior in the mornings when I’m rushing to get ready for work. It gives me a light coverage that doesn’t look like I caked on makeup but still covers blemishes and discolorations just enough that I feel like I covered anything I’m self-conscious about. And it stays on all day! My skin color is more olive toned but I chose the shade “Medium Sheer Tint” to match my slight tan that’s left over from the summer.

TV Show of the Month: Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal, and HTGAWM

Technically this isn’t one TV show and they only returned this past week, but its TGIT! I have been a huge Grey’s fan for years and first started watching Scandal this past year (I binge-watched all of the seasons on Netflix in less than a month). I am so happy that they are back and can’t wait to see what HTGAWM brings for its second season. It already looks like a crazy season just after one episode!

Health Tip of the Month: Moisturize

I have super dry skin in the winter, both on my face and on my body (my elbows and knees especially). It’s still way too soon for me to be too concerned about it, but the air is getting dryer and my skin is no longer as moisturized as it was in the summer. I’m trying to stay on top of things by moisturizing my face every night before bed and making sure to do so with my arms and legs after every shower.

Accessory of the Month: Fossil Watch (similar watch here and here)

I got this for my birthday and have worn it almost every day since. I love it because it’s perfect for work and also casual enough that I can wear it to dinner with friends or while shopping. The color of the band is neutral which I think makes it perfect for this time of year and matches with almost everything. It’s also interchangeable which is even better! My tip for Fossil watches, try and find an outlet store. Their watches look almost identical but at a much cheaper price!

adi in the life fossil watch

I’d love to hear what you guys have been obsessing over this past month! If you’d like to see my previous monthly obsessions, here is my post from August. Here’s to a beautiful October!