My Monthly Must-Haves: June

We are halfway through 2016…. WHAT?? Sometimes I really just don’t understand how time flies. It kind of feels like I haven’t accomplished much over the past year. And then I remember that I moved out of my parents house, started a blog with a full time job. I’m hoping to really push myself to do more with this blog for the second half of the year.

This month has been relatively relaxing (aside from a few bumps) which has been a nice change. Here are some of the things I found myself constantly obsessing over this month.

Hair Product of the Month: Marrakesh Oil in the “Original” Scent


My hair tends to get a little dry in the warmer, summer months, and this argan oil has been a god send. It keeps my hair shiny without getting oily (as long as I avoid putting it near my roots) and it smells AMAZING. Honestly, one of the top best smelling hair products I’ve ever used.

Makeup Product of the Month: Super Sizers Fiber Mascara by Covergirl

adi in the life super sizer fibers mascara covergirl

I was lucky enough to receive this product for testing purposes from Influenster. I am obsessed. Like, actually obsessed. I think I wear it pretty much every day and they make my eyelashes look so long and full. There is a trick to applying it to avoid getting “clumps”. You have to rotate your hand upwards in a circular motion as you’re applying it and it should work. I highly encourage you all to go out and buy it if you’re looking for a new, affordable mascara. If you haven’t joined Influenster, you absolutely should, by using my referral link :).

Accessory of the Month: Missi Huarache Sandals by Merona (at Target)

adi in the life huarache sandals target.JPG

I wish I could post a picture with these on, but unfortunately, I sprained my ankle last week (so I haven’t actually been wearing heels lately at all), but like I mentioned in my last post, I loveeee these heels. They are the perfect balance between casual and dressy, which means I can pretty much wear them with anything.

Perfume of the Month: Victoria’s Secret Fantasies Body Mists

adi in the life vs fantasies body sprays.jpg

I really don’t know how Victoria’s Secret continues to come out with new body sprays that smell amazing, but they do. I am especially in love with these beautifully designed ones. I don’t know if I love them all because they’re so pretty, or because they just smell amazing? Regardless, these two scents, “Charmed” and “Hypnotized”, are my absolute favorite. They are perfect for summer, and balance both fruity and floral perfectly. Unfortunately they’re not online, but you might be able to find them in stores.

TV Show of the Month: Big Brother


Please tell me I have some other BB fans out there! I am so excited for this to be back. It has always been a staple for me every summer and sometimes I wish I had the time to watch live feeds instead of just the episodes they show on TV, but that’s okay because it’s still so good. I’m so excited they brought back old contestants and am hardcore rooting for Nicole (and James a little bit).

What were some of your must-haves for the month? Let me know in the comments below! Feel free to check out some of my past monthly must-haves here.