My Monthly Must-Haves: February

Part of me hates how fast time flies and the other part of me kind of likes seeing how quickly things progress. It’s the end of February and my apartment is officially furnished (except for my bedroom walls – they need some decor). I’m getting into the swing of things schedule wise and focusing on myself. I’ve been able to find time to work out and exercise (both at home and at the gym), and I’ve been putting in more time with my blog.

I think February might be one of my favorite months, especially since this year the weather has been much more manageable than usual. With that said, let’s get into some of my must-haves for February!

Hair Product of the Month: Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray

I am actually obsessed with this stuff! I stopped using normal hair spray to set my hair in place when I curl it and I’ve been using this instead. It gives it a little more “oomph” and feels really nice in your hair, unlike most hair sprays that stiffen up your hair. It also smells really nice which is always essential with hair products.

Home Decor of the Month: My Desk

So this is cheating a bit but in all seriousness I am in love with my desk. I finally bought some last minute touches (yesterday actually) and it looks beautiful. Now I have a place to do work, for my blog and on days that I work from home, and it has the perfect lighting to do my makeup- which is obviously the most important.

Beauty Product of the Month: Mint Julips Lip Scrub

I’ve been a little stuffy this past month and have woken up in the morning many times with dry lips. This product works wonders, and honestly it kind of tastes good (like mint-chocolate)… This stuff lasts forever which is great, and leaves your lips feeling soft and moisturized which is perfect for the colder months.

Health Tip of the Month: Mix Up Your Workouts

I’m finally getting into the groove of things health wise- I’m eating better and working out at least 4 times a week. I think the best thing I’ve done for myself is mixed up what I do to exercise. I’ll usually go to the gym 3 times a week and then do a different at home workout over the weekend. Today is yoga and I’m so excited. It’s super relaxing and is a nice change from going to the gym.

TV Show of the Month: The Bachelor

If you do not watch The Bachelor you are so missing out. Yes, it’s a little ridiculous and over-the-top, but that’s what makes the show so fun to watch. It’s been my guilty pleasure and I look forward to watching it every Monday night after the gym. And on top of that, the bachelor this year is the sweetest guy. I’m rooting for Lauren to win and for Jojo to be the next bachelorette.

Well, overall this month has been a little low-key but I’ve loved every minute of it and I’m a little sad to see it end. However, I can’t wait to see what March brings to the table. What were some of the things you’ve been loving this month? Check out some of my past monthly must-haves here!