My Monthly Must-Haves: August 2016

It’s time for another Monthly Must-Haves! Before I get into the post, I think I should have a little chat.

I have clearly been slacking a lot this month with Adi in the Life (trust me I’m extremely disappointed in myself), and it’s mostly because I have been feeling a bit blah this month. I have little motivation to do anything and I’ve had so many things on my mind that I just haven’t been able to bring myself to sit down in front of my laptop and actually write something. Or anything for that matter.

I’m hoping to really focus on my blog this coming month (Using my up-coming birthday money to finally purchase a DSLR!! If anyone has recommendations PLEASE leave them in the comments below) and trying to make some changes in my life in general… hopefully more on that soon.

Despite my lazy attitude this month, which I’m partially attributing to the insane heat, there have been quite a few things I have been loving this month.

Gourmand EDP Fragrance from Urban Outfitters

Adi in the Life Gourmand EDP Fragrance Urban Outfitters.jpg

A few months ago, I purchased a Gourmand EDP fragrance from Urban Outfitters that I quickly became obsessed with (see this post). Because of that, pretty much every time I went back to UO, I would browse those fragrances. As you can see, I have bought two more! I thought that I loved Pistachio Brûlée the most, but I actually think that Sel Océan is my absolute favorite. It’s the perfect time of year for it (it is a floral smell, with a hint of clean water) and I have worn it almost every day. If I don’t wear that, I’ll wear one of the other two that I have… and they have sooooo many more…

Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil

adi in the life Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil.jpg

If you don’t have this brow pencil – you NEED it. I have used a lot of different high end pencils in my day (more in a post coming soon!) and this is by far my favorite. I first received a sample in a Birchbox and when that ran out, I went back to my IT cosmetics one. But I kept wishing I had the Goof Proof brow pencil so I pulled the plug and bought the full size. Totally worth it and I highly, highly, recommend it.

The Final Five Gymnastics Team

usa final five.jpg

Okay so I am a huuuuuge Olympics fan. I absolute love sports and every 4 years when the Olympics rolls around I have to watch it all the time. My absolute favorite sport? GYMNASTICS. Please tell me y’all were as obsessed as I was with USA’s Women’s gymnastics team. My girl Aly (hello she’s from MA, obviously she’s my favorite) redeemed herself, the team won the final by a landslide, and almost everyone won individual medals. And Simone is absolutely crazy talented and her laugh makes me so happy. Watching them this month was one of my biggest obsessions.

OXO On 9 Cup Coffee Maker

adi in the life OXO On 9 Cup Coffee Maker.jpg

I received this coffee maker complimentary from Influenster and I am IN LOVE. I’ve had a cheap Mr. Coffee machine that was sub par at best and when I found out I was getting this one I almost cried…. no joke. It’s definitely a bit expensive, but if you’re a coffee connoisseur I would highly recommend investing in this. I swear, my coffee tastes a MILLION times better, and the machine itself is super chic and visually appealing.

Liquid Lipsticks in Every Color (Kylie Cosmetics, NYX, and Kat Von D)

adi in the life liquid lipstick swatches.jpg

As the summer continues to get hotter (how is that even possible??), I find myself continuously reaching for liquid lipsticks. They stay on longer and are much easier to deal with in the heat. Some of my favorites pictured are by Kylie Cosmetics (which I discussed in lengths here), NYX (this and this one), and Kat Von D (this one) which is my most recent purchase.

What were some of your must-haves for the month? Let me know in the comments below and feel free to check out some of my past monthly must-haves here.

On a side note – August has been fun, but I’m really glad it’s over. September is my absolute faaaavorite month of the year and I cannot wait to see what’s to come! 🙂