My Favorite Winter Candles

So obviously I haven’t been posting very much, and as much as I’m disappointed in myself for that, I think it’s completely justified. It’s been a pretty hectic week. We finally moved into our apartment and it took a while to get everything in it’s place (still working on it), but now that my living space is much more organized, I’m confident I can get back to blogging on a regular basis.

I also want to announce that I will now begin posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! Posting more frequently has been an important goal of mine and I want to make sure I stick to it.

With that being said, today I wanted to share with you all some of my own favorite Winter candles and a few other candles I’ve been dreaming about. To say my candle collection is big would be an understatement, and this season has only made it worse. Bath & Body Works has upped their game this Winter and there are so many candles I had to refrain from buying (I am after all, a broke recent college graduate).

When it comes to scents for the Winter, I tend to always gravitate towards cinnamon, vanilla, and of course, pine. It’s nice to have both warm scents when it’s cold outside, and fresher scents that remind you of the holidays. Here are a few of my favorite candles of the season.

Here are some other seasonal candles that I have been eyeing lately.

adi in the life winter candles.png

  1. Mahogany Balsam (Bath & Body Works) $4.50 – $22.50
  2. Alpine Cheer (Bath & Body Works) $4.50 – $22.50
  3. Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla (Bath & Body Works) $4.50 – $22.50
  4. Caramel Pecan Pie (Yankee Candle) $10.99 – $27.99
  5. Shimmering Vanilla (Target) $12.99
  6. Sparkling Cider (Target) $10.00
  7. Bonfire Nights (Target) $20.49
  8. After Dark (Yankee Candle) $10.99 – $27.99
  9. Angel’s Wings (Yankee Candle) $10.99 – $27.99

What are some of your favorite candles for Winter? You can check out my past favorites here!