My Favorite Candles for Spring

Another season means another collection of my favorite candles! I’m sure by now you’ve realized how truly obsessed I am with candles, and I feel no different about spring candles (summer seems to be the only season where I’m a bit more weary about candles).

This year I’ve been really focused on getting healthy and keeping everything in my life in order, so I always light candles while doing yoga sessions at home (calm, warm scents are perfect for this) and while I clean (fresh scents, of course). For the spring I tend to gravitate towards candles with floral scents (lilac, peony, and lavender are my favorites) as well as fruity and clean scents (fresh linen all day).

Here are a few of my favorite candles for this season that I have been hoarding… Notice the pretty spring colors that just happen to accompany these candles? I buy most of my candles from Bath & Body Works and Target (with some rare finds at Home Goods and Yankee Candle if there’s a sale).


Here are some other candles I have been adding to my wishlist.

Adi in the life spring candles

  1. Beautiful Day (Bath & Body Works) $4.50 – $22.50
  2. Sugared Peony Petals (Bath & Body Works) $4.50 – $22.50
  3. Strawberry Vanilla (Bath & Body Works) $4.50 – $22.50
  4. Pomelo Lime (Target) $12.99
  5. White Gardenia (Yankee Candle) $10.99 – $27.99
  6. Coastal Linen (Target) $15.00
  7. Bella Cedar & Juniper (Target) $12.99
  8. Flowers in the Sun (Yankee Candle) $10.99 – $27.99
  9. Vanilla Lime (Yankee Candle) $10.99 – $27.99

What are some of your favorites for spring?

  • Candles get me so excited, I had to come over to your post!! 🙂

    • Adi

      Hahah yay <3 I'm glad you love candles as much as I do!

  • I love the white gardenia scent from Yankee Candle! I’m not much for floral scents but that one is nice & light 🙂 I also love “Summer Wish” from Yankee Candle as well for the warmer months.

    • Adi

      Oooo I’ll definitely have to take a look at that, sounds like it would be really nice!