My Favorite Candles for Fall

I love lighting candles throughout the whole year, but once fall starts to come around, I really love lighting candles. There is just something perfect about it being a little colder outside and a little warmer inside.

If I’m going to be honest, 75% of my candles come from Bath & Body Works. They are affordable, and last forever, and have such strong scents that are not too overpowering. Not only that, but they tend to have great sales on their 3-wick candles almost monthly. I have quite a few go-to places aside from Bath & Body Works, specifically Target and Yankee Candle. While Target’s selection might not be that extensive, they have very low priced candles and almost every time I go there I check out the candle section. Many of them are in really nice, uniquely decorated jars which are a great way for some cheaper decor around the house. Yankee Candle’s candles are a bit more expensive but they truly last forever and are great quality candles. Choosing just one candle is nearly impossible from there because the choices are literally endless.

For fall, I tend to focus on a few specific scents for my candles. My favorites are usually pumpkin, apple, and any type of nature/tree scent (ie: cedar-wood and mahogany). Here are a couple of my top favorites that I have purchased specifically with this upcoming fall in mind. They are all from Bath & Body Works except for the gold candle which is from Target and is called “Mandarin Woods.”

adi in the life fall candles

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love all these candles. But my absolute 100% fall favorite that I would recommend to anyone is the Pumpkin Apple candle from Bath & Body Works. It has a perfect blend of pumpkin and apple (duh), with neither one overpowering the other. It’s pretty much all of my fall memories in a candle and I promise you will love it. If you don’t then I don’t mind taking it off your hands.

Here are some other fall candles I am seriously contemplating on adding to my already extensive collection.

adi in the life fall candles

  1. Mahogany Teakwood (Bath & Body Works) $4.50 – $22.50
  2. Leaves (Bath & Body Works) $4.50 – $22.50
  3. Autumn (Bath & Body Works) $4.50 – $22.50
  4. Flannel (Bath & Body Works) $4.50 – $22.50
  5. Crisp Morning Air (Yankee Candle) $10.99 – $27.99
  6. Lush Berries (Yankee Candle) $10.99 – $27.99
  7. Sugar & Spice (Yankee Candle) $10.99 – $27.99
  8. Autumn in the Park (Yankee Candle) $10.99 – $27.99
  9. Cozy Nights (Target) $10.00
  10. Cashmere Woods (Target) $12.99
  11. Amber Clove (Target) $14.99
  12. Black Birch (Target) $12.99

What are some of your favorite candles for fall?