Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide: The Alcohol Enthusiast

Well, we have reached the end. Today marks the 8th, and last post, of my Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide series! Feel free to check out parts 1, 2, 3, 4, 56 , and 7 if you haven’t already!

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  1. Wine Opener & Preserver Gift Set ($49.99 at Brookstone): Even for those who absolutely love wine (like myself), finishing an entire bottle at once is daunting. This is a really nice gift set that includes an opener and preserver, among other things.
  2. Sand Dollar Coaster Set of 12 by Kate Aspen ($36.99 at Target): I think giving a set of coasters is a great idea and these are so pretty. You can definitely try to look for coasters that match someone’s decor and there are a lot of cheaper coaster sets! Another option is to get monogrammed or personalized coasters (I would check out Zazzle for these).
  3. Wine of the Month Gift Membership ($152 at Wine of the Month): This is definitely on the pricier side but is a great gift that keeps on giving (literally, for 4 or 6 months). I love the idea of wine memberships because it’s a great way to try out new ones. You can choose red, white, or both and you receive 2 bottles every month.
  4. Bar10der Cocktail Tool by Quench ($29.99 at Bed Bath & Beyond): This tool comes in a few colors (blue is my personal favorite) and has 10 different bartending tools in one, including a bottle opener, corkscrew, zester, muddler, etc. This is great for someone who likes making drinks without the hassle of handling multiple tools. I actually bought this for my dad a few years back and he loves it!
  5. Craft Homebrew Classic Kit by Mr. Beer ($54.49 at Mr. Beer): I think this is a perfect gift for anyone obsessed with beer or obsessed with brewing their own beer (enter my dad again). This is a great starter kit and has all the tools you need. Once you gift someone with a brewing kit, it’ll be something they continue to do for a while. Not only is it giving someone a gift, but it’s also giving someone a hobby.

I hope this series was helpful and enjoyable and I hope everyone has a great holiday! I’ll be back next week with some new posts. Thanks for reading!