Last Minute Gift Guide: The Sports Fan

Hello, hello. I’m back with another “Last Minute Gift Guide” installation! Today is part 4 of an 8 part series that will be going on daily until the 23rd, covering all different types of people that might be in your life. Check out parts 1, 2, and 3 if you haven’t already!

Adi in the Life The Sports Fan

  1. Sports Game Tickets (Price varies at StubHub, Ticketmaster, etc.): This is an obvious gift but I promise you cannot go wrong. As long as you know the person’s favorite sport/team, they will be ecstatic to get tickets. Definitely get 2 tickets so that either they can take you as a thank you or someone else if you don’t enjoy sports.
  2. Hockey Puck Bottle Opener ($95-125 at uncommongoods): I think this is the coolest concept ever. These are reclaimed pucks from actual hockey games that are made into bottle openers. They’re a little on the heftier price but I think it’s so unique that it’s worth it and you can choose the specific team for the puck.
  3. Remote Controlled Beverage Cooler ($44.95 at Hammacher): I feel like this is any lazy guy’s dream (and it’s on sale right now by the way). If you’re looking for more of a gag gift I think this would be perfect, and actually useful.
  4. Sports Team Knit Hat ($26.48 at Amazon): Shout out to the Patriots! So I love these hats, my dad has one and so do I. They look great on anyone, keep you super warm, and you can customize it to your liking (most teams have multiple options).
  5. Desktop Golf ($35 at uncommongoods): Is this not the coolest? Again, another gag gift but if you know anyone that is obsessed with golf and works a 9-5 boring desk job, this is great for them. They have a few other desktop games for different sports so again, also customizable!

Come back and visit tomorrow for some ideas geared towards tech junkies!