Fall Bucket List

Fall is one of my favorite seasons, both because of the beautiful foliage and being able to finally wear all my new boots. There is something so perfect about crisp fall air in the afternoon with the sun still shining. It is just around the corner (as in next week) and now that I don’t have my life scheduled around school, I wanted to create a bucket list for the next few months. Stay tuned to the end of fall too see if I actually did everything on my list!

¤ Try a Pumpkin Spice Latte

Yes you read that correctly. Somehow I’ve never really gotten into the hype and have yet to try a pumpkin spice latte. I’m thinking maybe it’s about time I join the trend and get this at some point during the season.

¤ Relax and Sit by the Fire

Now that I have started my new job I am a little more stressed and overwhelmed. I want to make sure to occasionally take a night off and relax by the fire to read or watch a football game on TV. Lucky for me, fall starts a little earlier in New England which gives us an excuse to start lighting a fire earlier.


¤ Write More Blog Posts

What else would a blogger want to accomplish? I definitely want to be able to get into the groove of things and schedule posts and write in advance so I can continue with this blog and try to make it more successful.

¤ Go Apple Picking

This is something I have said I would do for the past few years and just never got around to it. I really want to incorporate apple picking into my life this year especially since it was one of my favorite things to do as a kid.


¤ Bake an Apple Pie from Scratch

Apple pie is my absolute favorite! I want to try to make it completely from scratch, maybe using some of the apples I get from apple picking…

¤ Go to a Patriots Football Game

This has been a tradition for the past 3 years with my Dad and this year will hopefully be no different. I am a huge football fan and love my Patriots (don’t even get me started on all the controversies).

gillette stadium adi in the life

¤ Go to Six Flags

I had wanted to go to Six Flags all summer and I didn’t get to. I feel like it was somewhat of blessing because now I have even more of an incentive to go in the fall during Fright Fest.

¤ Go on a Nature Walk

Sometimes just going for a walk and casually looking at the pretty fall leaves is one of my favorite things to do. I’m hoping that even with a 9-5 job I’ll be able to do it at least once in the fall while it’s still a little warm out.


¤ Buy a New, Sturdy Pair of Boots

As I college student, I never really splurged on shoes. Now that all of my boots are pretty much ruined, one of my goals is to buy a pair that is sturdy and worth the steeper price.

¤ Save Enough Money to Move

Even though I finally got a job, I don’t have enough money to move out of my parents’ houses just yet. I want to be able to save enough for about 3 months and either move out on my own or even find someone to live with.

That’s all for my bucket list this season! What are some of the things you want to do this fall?