FabFitFun Unboxing: Spring 2016

If you haven’t heard of the FabFitFun yet (where have you been), I highly recommend you check it out. This is only my second box and it is amazing and worth every penny. FabFitFun is a seasonal box that costs $49.99 (yes, it is a hefty price, but it’s only 4 times a year and they promise a box worth of at least $225).

They include a products that range from categories including beauty, health, home decor, and so much more. They also partner with a nonprofit organization for every box, which is so amazing to read about and get to be a part of. This season they’ve partnered with “I Am That Girl” (which you can read more about here).

Because I was so happy with this season’s box, I thought I would share with you what it came with and what I loved and didn’t love (hint: there wasn’t much). I believe you can still get this season’s box, or at least sign up for next season’s!. You can click this link here to sign up!


The first thing I saw was the herb garden (by MakersKit) that retails for $35. I talked about how I really want to start growing my own herbs in my spring bucket list post so naturally I was very excited to see this product. It comes with mint, thyme, and basil (I’m mostly excited about the thyme and basil) and they also give you a code for 20% off any purchase you make at MakersKit.com. Hopefully I don’t kill my plants…


The next item that caught my eye was this contour kit (by ISH) that retails for $32. I chose the light/medium kit and it is perfect for my skin type (I’m olive toned but right now, pretty pale). The pigmentation on these shades are amazing. I love the blush, it’s a beautiful pink. I also love how there’s a lighter bronzer for an every day look and a darker one for a more dramatic, contoured look.

The next two items that I saw (and have already tried and loved) where the shaving lotion (by HelloLegs) which retails for $19.95 and the argan oil (by Marrakesh) which retails for $22.99. These two products might be my favorites. I was iffy about the shaving lotion because the smell isn’t all that amazing and it was weird having a lotion that was really hard to rub in 100%, until I realized it was meant to be used in the shower. Regardless of how I used it, my legs felt amazing after! I am so impressed and absolutely love the product. The argan oil smells so good (it’s the original scent) and I used it the first day and loved how it made my hair feel so soft and not even a little bit oily. I have dabbled in a lot of brands when it comes to argan oils, and this is definitely one of my top favorites.


Okay I lied, I think the next item is my favorite (I’ve worn it every day for the past 3 days). This tag necklace (by Jook & Nona) retails for $65. It seems like a lot, but the quality of the necklace is beautiful and I love how it looks. I was nervous I wouldn’t like it and that it would be a bit tacky. I was so wrong, it’s dainty and very feminine (the necklace comes in either love, happy, inspire, or dream) and I find myself reaching for it daily.


The last 3 products are ones I haven’t tried out yet. The yoga mat strap (by Merrithew) retails for $14.99. This product is actually perfect as I’ve started to dabble in yoga a little bit more, and I really love that it can double as a mat strap and resistance cord. The keratin gloves & socks (by Bodipure Inc.) reatil for $9.98. Honestly, they freak me out a little, but I do need to strengthen my nails and it’ll be a nice way to give myself an at-home mani-pedi. Lastly, this bath bomb trinity (by Jus D’Amour) retails for $28. I have never tried a bath bomb, but I am so excited for these guys. I can’t wait to try them out, and all 3 scents smell amazing and very relaxing.


The box also comes with 2 gift cards, a $25 one for 31 Bits and a $30 one for Sterling Forever. It’ll be interesting to see if I can find products on both of these sites that fit the price without forcing me to spend my own money.

Overall, this box is worth a whopping $282.91. See what I mean by it’s worth every penny? I am so excited about every one of these products and I love that I can actually see myself using every single one of them at some point in the near future (if I haven’t already).

Do any of you subscribe to FabFitFun? If so, what is your favorite product of this season’s box?

This product was purchased on my own, all opinions are my own.