FabFitFun Unboxing – Fall 2016

It’s that time of year again – another FabFitFun unboxing. And the best season for FabFitFun is, by far, Fall (PS spoilers ahead if you haven’t gotten your box yet).

If you haven’t heard of the FabFitFun yet, you NEED to check it out. It’s a seasonal subscription box that costs $49.99 (a hefty price, but it’s only 4 times a year and they promise a box worth of at least $225).

They include products that range from categories including beauty, health, home decor, and so much more. They also partner with a nonprofit organization for every box, which is so amazing to read about and get to be a part of. This season they’ve partnered with Pencils of Promise. You can read more about their initiative here!

Last season was a little bit disappointing for me, but when I saw some of the spoilers ahead of time for this box I knew it would 100% be worth the $50 that it cost. If after seeing the products I got, you find yourself very interested in joining, I believe you can still get this season’s box, or at least sign up for next season’s! You can click this link here to sign up and get 20% off your first box!

Okay, naturally the first product I immediately gravitated towards was this Loch and Key Scarf from Modcloth (retails for $34.99) in black & white (you can get the exact one here!). While part of me wishes I got one of the other color combinations, black and white matches pretty much my entire wardrobe and I know I’ll get a lot of use out of this scarf. It’s sooo soft and a true blanket scarf – it’s giant! I think this is the favorite of the box.


Next up, this To-Go Coffee Mug from The Created Co. You can get it here for $19, and it also comes in this design. I was so excited to see an item that I can actually use every day. I make coffee in the morning and bring it to work, and this mug is perfect for it. I love the quote on it, and the design is so sleek.


After getting over the two best products in the box, I noticed this cute coloring book and set of colored pencils courtesy of FabFitFun. These retail for $14, and not only were they created for a good cause, but they are a great activity to do when I’m bored (although to be honest, I have so much stuff going on that very rarely do I have a moment to sit down and do nothing but color). Regardless, even if I don’t find a use for them, I know of at least a few people that would!


Aside from some extra goodies, this box was also filled with some useful, every day items. Included was this Outlast Xtend Clear Gel Deodorant by Secret. It’s in the scent “Completely Clean” and retails for about $1. It’s a sponsored sample and although it’s not much, I will gladly take a deodorant. Also in the box was this package of Fresh Care Flushable Cleansing Cloths by Cottonelle. Again, a nice, sponsored, sample size that’s worth about a few dollars. But I’ll definitely find a use for these and am happy that they were included.

Probably the strangest product I found in the box were these Toeless Fitness Socks by Toesox. These retail between $15-$18 and come in a variety of colors. I understand the purpose of these – so you can workout without wearing socks but have some sort of grip on the mat. However, I still don’t see how it would prevent my feet from being sweaty and I don’t know how much I’ll actually be using these.


Another really exciting product included in the box was this Nude Collection Eyeshadow Palette by Pure Cosmetics. Okay – OMG to an entire eyeshadow palette. This thing retails for a whopping $50 (and does anyone notice the resemblance to the Naked 2 Palette? More on that later…) and the colors are beautiful and swatch amazingly. They are very smooth to the touch and blend really well. I’m super excited for this one and can definitely see myself using it a lot.



The next two products I explored were particularly for the body. First, I saw this Mini French Lavender Body Oil (although for “mini” it is a pretty decent size!) by Mullein & Sparrow. This retails for $18 and smells amazing. It’s also the perfect time for a body oil – anyone else get really dry skin once the Fall/Winter months begin?


I’m also incredibly intrigued by this Bulgarian Rose Body Wash Infused Buffer by Spongellé. This product retails for $16 and is supposed to exfoliate, cleanse, and wash your body all at once. It smells great and seems like it would be really fun to use. And apparently once the soap in the sponge runs out, you can still use it as a regular sponge.


The last two products in the box are completely opposite in terms of usefulness. The Eyebrow Gel by The Browgal is actually a product I really needed. I recently ran out of brow gel and the fact that this one is clear and water-resistant is great. It retails for $20 and the size of the product is huge! I’m hoping this one lasts forever and works really well. The other product, the Restoring Night Serum by Skin Laundry, is kind of useless to me. It’s a serum that is supposed to improve skin texture, firms, and elasticity, but none of these are actually concerns for me (yet). Maybe I can use it as a preventative measure, but I don’t see myself reaching for it. It is worth $50 though, which probably means it actually works.


For any FabFitFun vets, you all may have noticed that it seems they have stopped including gift cards in the boxes. I’m honestly okay with that, and would rather get more value in products I can actually use. Overall, the box is worth $239.99. I am sooo happy with this box and can’t wait to use almost all of the products in it.

Do any of you subscribe to FabFitFun? If so, what is your favorite product of this season’s box?

This product was purchased on my own, all opinions are my own.