Birchbox Unboxing: November

I have been subscribed to Birchbox for almost 3 years now and while there have been some good and some bad boxes, I have been thoroughly pleased with the subscription service and have loved it since day 1.

I don’t think I need to go into much explaining as to what Birchbox is because it’s one of the most popular subscription services, but it’s about $10 a month (a little extra for me because they needed to tax the box in MA) and comes with 4-6 deluxe samples of beauty products, health products, and sometimes even snacks.

I always love seeing unboxing videos and blog posts so I figured I would join in!

adi in the life birchbox november adi in the life birchbox november adi in the life birchbox november

This month’s box came with 5 generously sized samples that I’m really excited about. Every box has a brief description about what each product does and how much the full sizes cost. You can also buy any of the products you get straight from Birchbox and if you review the samples, you get points towards a discount!

  1. Perfect Hair Day (PhD) Dry Shampoo by Living Proof. The full size of this product retails for $22 (also at Sephora) but they also sell this exact size as well for $12. I am really excited to try this product because I’ve heard great things about Living Proof and love dry shampoo. I’ve already tried it once and it blends in really well and smells great.
  2. La La Lagoon Aromatic Bath & Shower Gel by Temple Spa. The full size retails for $18 (also at Temple Spa) and this sample size is worth about $3. The description says it’s infused with mint, peppermint (is that not the same thing?) and basil. To be honest, I’m not blown away by this. However, I’m always open to trying out new shower gels and this will be great for travel since it’s a smaller sample.
  3. Superskin Moisturizer by Liz Earle. The full size retails for $72 (also at Liz Earle) and this sample size is worth about $23. Let me preface by saying I was so excited to get a product from Liz Earle, especially after seeing how much the full size costs. I’ve tried it a couple times and it’s super moisturizing without being too greasy. The only complaint I have is the smell is really unappealing and kind of reminds me of a woodsy scent. The sample size is amazing for the price so I’m still really happy with the product.
  4. Face Gloss by MAKE. The full size retails for $25 (also at MAKE Beauty) and this sample size is worth about $6. All the description really says is it refreshes dull skin and at first I was thinking it was another moisturizing product. However, after a little bit of research it seems to be similar to a highlighter. I tried it out and it’s really sticky and kind of makes my face look greasy. If anyone knows more about this product please let me know because I don’t really know what to do with it, unfortunately.
  5. One and Done Shadow Stick (in the shade “Impress Me”) by LOC. The full size retails for $10 (sold exclusively at Birchbox) and guess what, it is the full size! The color is really pretty, perfect for this time of year, somewhere in between copper and gold. I was worried it wouldn’t be blendable on the eye because it’s a stick. You can’t really use a brush to do it but you can blend it with your finger and I actually really like it on its own anyways.

All together, my box retails for over $50 and for a $10 box that is amazing. Aside from some miner nit-picky things, I am very happy with every product in my box and am excited to keep trying them out. Can’t wait for my next box!

If you’re interested in trying it out (which I highly recommend if you haven’t already), click on this link and subscribe by December 9th and you’ll get $5 off your first box! Your subscription can be canceled at any time so you don’t have to worry about committing for more than a month, but you probably will want to anyways… don’t say I didn’t warn you.

This product was purchased on my own, all opinions are my own.