Beach Bag Must Haves

Hellooo everyone 🙂

Inspired by the gorgeous, giant bag that I received in my FabFitFun box (check out my unboxing here!), I thought I would do a post about my absolute must-haves for the beach.

I enjoy going to the beach as much as the next person, but I absolutely hate going unprepared. I’m always the friend with EVERYTHING you can imagine. I’ll get made fun of for having so many things and then my friends will end up being the ones that need them (like a bandaid or eye drops). Anyone else the “always prepared” friend? I always over pack but there are some things I absolutely never forget. Here are my top 12 beach bag must haves!

adi in the life beach bag must haves.png

  1. A floppy hat: A hat is always a necessity for the beach, and I like to switch it up between a floppy hat or a baseball cap (it kind of depends what my activities are for the rest of the day).
  2. A towel: A beach towel is probably the most obvious must have for the beach. You can find one pretty much everywhere (Target, Macy’s, even Ikea), but Wayfair has an awesome selection.
  3. Sunscreen: Any sunscreen will do, but I prefer spray ones, especially ones for wet skin. That way it will actually stick to your skin even if you’re sweaty or wet from the water.
  4. BB Cream: When it comes to makeup, minimalism is key. I try to limit my makeup to only a few products, but I will always wear (and bring with me) a BB cream. This one is my absolute favorite, and bonus, it has SPF.
  5. A book: A book is great for the beach, there’s always some downtime and reading is so relaxing on the beach. I’m currently trying to find time to start this book (The Girl on the Train), before the movie comes out.
  6. Texturizing hair spray: I personally am someone that NEEDS to bring some sort of texturizing spray, or sea salt spray, because otherwise my hair becomes a mess after a full day at the beach, and especially if I go in the water and get my hair wet. This spray is a godsend for that reason, and it’s super affordable!
  7. Tinted lip balm: I don’t bother with any lipsticks or lip glosses when I go to the beach, but it’s nice to have a lip balm with SPF so your lips don’t dry out or get burnt, and tinted ones give a nice extra something to your look.
  8. Water bottle: I ALWAYS need water. I get thirsty so fast, and I’ll always bring a water bottle and drink very little of it, because after about thirty minutes the water is hot and gross. S’well water bottles are great at keeping your water cold for hours and can be found all over, in so many different colors and patterns.
  9. Soothing aloe spray: I don’t know about you, but no matter how hard I try, I always get a little burnt after a day at the beach. Having aloe on hand is great, but giant bottles can get bulky. A spray is sooo much easier and lighter to carry.
  10. Waterproof mascara: As much as I try to limit how much makeup I wear, mascara is always a must have for me. I will go for a waterproof option in a beach trip situation, and the “Better Than Sex” mascara by Too Faced is one of my absolute faves.
  11. Sunglasses: I love my expensive sunglasses but I will never take those to the beach because I’m so overprotective of them. But, sunglasses are a must! So I try and get cheaper, still cute, ones to bring instead. Aren’t these ones so pretty?
  12. A cute beach bag: I mean of course you need a giant beach bag or tote to hold alllll of your belongings. Here are some adorable ones I found on the web (I try and go for canvas or straw material):
 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

What are some of your beach must haves? Anything I missed?