A New Year: A New Set of Goals (For Me Anyways)

I’m 23! It’s weird because I can’t tell if I feel different or the same. I’m now a full year and (almost) a half out of college, a full year into my job (more on that later), and more than a full year into blogging!

It’s weird how different things are, and how even more different they will become (I hope!). With a new year, comes new goals and naturally I just had to turn it into a blog post. How else am I going to make sure I actually stick to them?

  1. Work out. Ugh I have been so lazy with this lately and it bums me out. There was one point in the spring where I was doing great and I was right on track. Nowadays I just can’t find the motivation to actually go to the gym and that needs to change. Even taking a walk seems like too much work, but hopefully the cooler weather will change my opinion on that.
  2. Add to my work wardrobe. Lately I’ve realized that the work attire section of my closet has been slacking. I still gravitate towards casual pieces that aren’t always office appropriate and that is probably due to being relatively young. My next move? Trying out Stitch Fix! I think this might help me find new pieces that I don’t know exist and focus more on putting together a solid professional wardrobe. Have any of you ever tried Stitch Fix?
  3. Up my blog post game. I’m still struggling with this but I really want to increase the number of posts I publish every week. I also would love to add in more fashion inspired content and I’m hoping once I purchase a camera I’ll be able to do just that.
  4. Get acquainted with a new job. So this is the big news! I will be starting a new job in a couple of weeks. It will probably be more demanding (which I can totally accept for higher pay) so I will have to find ways to juggle it with my blog. But I am committed to both.
  5. Go public with the blog. This will probably be the biggest step. I of course, have friends and family members that know about this blog (and I have all of you lovely subscribers), but I think it’s finally time for me to truly utilize social media and share with the world that this blog even exists. Otherwise it won’t really go anywhere. And if I could choose one thing to do full time, it would be to create content for this blog.

Any other September babies out there? What are some of your birthday goals?