7 Ways to Dress for Moody Spring Weather

I don’t know about you, but here in New England, the weather is never predictable, especially in the spring. One week it nears 70 degrees, and the next week it’s rainy and ends up in the mid-50s. Instead of switching back and forth between winter and spring clothes, here are 7 tips for dealing with Mother Nature’s indecisiveness.

1) Layer with light jackets, vests, and blazers

This way you’re still wearing lightweight material (for when it does get warm), but you can also stay warm when there is a bit of a chill. And this allows you to pack up your thick winter coats instead of having them continue to take up space in your coat closet.

2) Take advantage of lightweight scarves

I have always found that around my neck area get’s the coldest, especially when it’s windy out and my top doesn’t cover my entire neck. Wearing a lightweight scarf (which you can find in pretty much any color or print imaginable) is perfect for this, and also adds a nice accessory.

3) Wear perforated flats and canvas shoes

Instead of opting for open-toed heels or flats (I know it’s tempting, but if your feet are cold, your entire body will be cold), try wearing canvas shoes or airy flats such as the ones below that give your feet room while keeping them protected from the cold.

4) Stock up on sunglasses and cute spring accessories

If you’re stuck with warmer winter clothes and it’s just not warm enough, try brightening up your outfits with accessories in fun colors and take advantage of sunglasses (they don’t need to be expensive)! I don’t know why but being able to drive home or walk around with sunglasses just makes everything seem brighter and warmer.

5) Keep Boots/booties in neutral colors on hand

It’s safe to say you can pack up most of your boots, but keeping one or two on hand can be really great, especially when it rains and you don’t have rain boots, or if you want to wear a dress but it’s too cold to have your ankles to be exposed . Try going for neutrals (black, brown, grey), that way they’ll be able to match with almost any other color.

6) Utilize midi skirts and dresses, or maxi skirts and dresses

Again, this way if you want to wear a skirt or a dress but it’s just too cold to have your entire legs out, you can keep most (if not all) covered, and you can stay warm while still feeling like you’re dressed for spring.

7) Incorporate spring patterns and colors into your wardrobe

If there’s no way around it and you need to wear your winter clothes, incorporate accessories or tops in spring colors (pastels are my favorite) or materials (hello lace!) or even patterns (floral, stripes, etc.).

I hope this was useful and that you have less temperamental weather than I do. What are some of your favorite trends for spring?

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