7 Reasons Why Winter Is Not That Bad

Today I woke up, got ready for work, headed out the door, and felt incredibly confused. It’s January 27th and I swear, it felt like the first day of Spring. It was nice out, no snow covering my car, and I didn’t even wear gloves or a hat.

While I’m happy about the warmer weather, it felt a little bittersweet. Winter is not all that horrible- and there are definitely some things about it that I love. I’m sure that it’ll get cold again (after all, it’s only January), so once it does, I wanted to come up with some reminders for why Winter is not that bad.

1) Endless snow days if you live in the north

Snow days were amazing when I was in high school and college, and they’re still great while working full time. Instead of getting up early and making myself look nice, I can wake up 10 minutes before the work day starts and sit in my PJs all day.

2) Giving & receiving presents and eating desserts take up all your time

With Christmas (and Hanukkah for myself) and New Years, the amount of gifts and sweets that you’re surrounded by is absurd. And you can’t even feel guilty about eating unhealthy desserts, because hello, everyone else is eating them too.


3) It’s perfectly acceptable to not leave your house

Winter can be gloomy, but I have yet to meet someone who does not understand the feeling of wanting to do nothing all day and relax by the fire, watching Netflix. In the summer, you’re basically shunned if you stay inside on a nice day.

4) Your bed has never felt more comfortable

Your bed is now the best, most comfiest spot in your house. It’s warm and filled with fluffy blankets and a mountain of pillows and who cares if you never want to leave it?


5) You don’t have to shave every day

Sorry boys – but I take full advantage of wearing long layers every day in the winter and not having to shave my legs every day (plus it doesn’t hurt that hair grows slower in the colder weather anyways).

6) It’s the best season for candles

You know I love my candles, and I really love them in the Winter. There is nothing better than lighting a candle and relaxing on a cold winter day.


7) It makes you appreciate warmer weather that much more

The best part about Winter? You truly appreciate warm weather. Don’t get me wrong, every year I get a little excited for the holidays and the first snowfall. But after maybe 5 days of cold weather and 2 snow storms, I’m already looking forward to the Summer.

What do you like about Winter? What are you looking forward to in the coming seasons?