5 Simple Ways to Embrace Earth Day

Happy Earth Day and Happy Friday!

I’ve always kind of brushed off Earth Day as a random holiday that doesn’t have much of an effect on me, but lately I have realized how untrue that is. Every day, people are littering and wasting products that only make the Earth a more polluted planet.

This year, I thought I would make a vow, to change my habits in 5 simple ways. I thought I would share them with you and give you the challenge of joining me and changing your habits as well!

5 Simple Ways to Embrace Earth Day

1) Go Paperless

We get a million bills every month, whether it’s credit card bills, electric bills, cable bills, etc. And where do they end up going? In the trash. Instead of wasting paper and having bills, try going paperless. We live in an age where most of our errands get done online, and most banks and workplaces have a “paperless” option for your bills and checks.

2) BYO Grocery Bags

Instead of wasting so many plastic and paper bags, buy your own reusable one (you can find them at almost any grocery store as well as Target, Marshalls, etc.). It might be a little off-putting to pay for them, but many stores give you a discount for using reusable bags. If you don’t want to go this route, at least ask for the paper bags which are recyclable (or you can reuse them yourself). The plastic bags go to waste and just pollute the environment.

3) Invest in Reusable Mugs and Water Bottles

Instead of using styrofoam and plastic cups for every cup of coffee, or use plastic water bottles, invest in a couple reusable mugs and water bottles. I love using a camelback for my water (it also helps me keep track of how much I’m drinking a day) and they come in an absurd number of cute colors. Coffe mugs are way better than plastic cups when it comes to keeping your drink hot or cold, and you can always find really cute ones at places like Target or Marshalls. I love this one and this one.

4) Recycle

This is the easiest one, but probably the one I slack on the most. If there isn’t a recycling bin in plain sight, I get lazy instead of going out of my way to recycle. If you’re like me, trying buying a wastebin that you want to use specifically for any recycleable products or containers, or even use those paper bags that you’ve been collecting over the years. That way recycling is easy and you won’t be able to come up with an excuse to not do it.

5) Mind Your Water Usage

This is also an easy one. Just pay attention to how much water you use, we have a limited amount in this world, and leaving faucets on for no reason wastes a lot of water that you could use. Limit the number of baths you take, and don’t take longer showers than you need. I’m not saying eliminate them completely, but if you pay more attention to how much water you use, it’ll become a habit and you’ll be making the world a better place to live in!

Which tip do you think you need to work the most on? Are there other things you like to stick to when it comes to helping the environment?



  • Great post! I’ve made a commitment to just be more aware of my surrounding on this beautiful planet. Just treating everything with upmost respect and enjoying the beauty that surrounds us!

    • Adi

      Thank you!! I find myself doing the same, sometimes the simplest things in nature are the most beautiful.

  • Good one! It’s the small things that we can do as individuals that count.
    Also, I’d really appreciate if you could follow my blog. 🙂

    • Adi

      Thank you!