5 Fun Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Unless your Mom prefers the traditional Mother’s Day activities (breakfast in bed, a bouquet of flowers), it can be nice to switch things up and do some other fun activities to celebrate the day.

I remember when I was younger, my sister and I would make breakfast for Mom in the morning (my Dad would help of course) and give her some hand-made gifts, that she naturally loved (TBD on whether or not she was lying), and that would pretty much be it. She’d get some flowers from my Dad and the rest of Sunday would be pretty much a normal day.

Now that I’m older and don’t live at home, I know that all my Mother really wants is to spend a day with the family. Here are 5 fun, different activities to do on Mother’s Day.

1) Have a Picnic at a Botanical Garden

All mom’s love flowers right? Well why not pack a picnic basket (with wine of course) and go have a picnic at a botanical garden. It’s a lot more beautiful than a park, and there will probably be less people so it’ll be a lot more relaxing and serene.


2) Family Game Night

You’re never too old to play board games, and yesterday I was really missing the family game nights we used to have. Suggest to your family that you do one for Mother’s Day, and let your Mom pick the game. Or go out and buy a brand new game!

game night.jpg

3) Movie Marathon

Spend the day (or night) watching a few of your favorite movies together or collect a bunch of home videos and watch those. This is actually something I really want to do and I think next year I’m going to suggest this to my Mom.


4) Treat Your Mom to a Spa Day

You can either schedule a spa day with your Mom, or give your Mom a gift certificate, have her go to the Spa, and while she’s gone, clean the entire house. Do the chores your Mom usually has to do on a Sunday, and she’ll come back fully relaxed without having anything to stress over.

spa candles

5) Start a DIY Project Together

I don’t know if it’s every Mom, but it seems like most Mom’s absolutely love crafts. When I was younger, we would do them all the time with my Mom, and starting a DIY project with your Mom is a great way to spend time with her, but also have something to do with her later on.


Unfortunately this year my younger sister is away at school. Tomorrow, my Mom and I are just getting lunch and buying groceries for the both of us (I’m paying) but next year I’m hoping we can do one of these activities. What are your plans for Mother’s Day?


  • Love the idea of a picnic at a botanical garden! Sounds so peaceful

    • Adi

      I agree! 🙂